Realm of Bethica Fantasy RPG

PUGCon Gamemasters

If you are a gamemaster who is interested in run a game or two we would love to have you onboard. Just click the image above this will take you to the PUG Game Day Con Dashboard, from there just click create.

F.G. PUGCon Event

F.G. PUG will be host their first online Fantasy Games Con, how exciting is that. We will have various gamemaster running D&D5e events within the Fantasy Ground VTT interface. For more information about Fantasy Ground click Fantasy Grounds.

PUGCon Adventures

If you are a player looking for an adventure or two ro three, also click the image above to browse the list of games you would be interested in. Once you find a game you like just hit the sign up button and your adventure awaits you.

About the Game

Kingdoms of Bethica

Races of Bethica

Archetypes of Bethica

Heroes of Bethica

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